Straight Wall Buildings vs. Quonset Huts

quonset garageThe term Quonset hut may be unfamiliar to some. This type of prefabricated building is made out of galvanized steel with a semicircular cross-section. They look like long logs that have been cut in half. Many of these Quonset huts were built during World War II for the military. They’re still in use today for restaurants, commercial buildings, workshops, and garages. Some people choose them as an alternative to straight wall buildings. But are they actually better? Why would you choose a Quonset hut over a traditional structure?


Quonset huts are actually cheaper buildings, although the gap between the two structures is not as large as it was several decades ago. As design software and manufacturing techniques have improved, the cost of straight wall buildings has decreased. Now, the prices are very similar.


quonset frontObviously, this category is a win for straight wall buildings simply because every part of sidewall space can be used. With the Quonset huts, there’s not as much vertical space at the sides. This makes them less effective for use as a warehouse or other type of storage structure due to the fact that items can’t be stored at a uniform height throughout the building.


quonset building kitSome straight wall buildings do need additional structural supports throughout the “spine” of the building, although no load bearing walls are needed. The same is true with a Quonset hut—there are no interior braces or columns. All of the weight is held up by the galvanized sheeting that creates the structure itself. Unfortunately, a curved structure like the Quonset hut places a great amount of stress on the base of the building. Because of this, additional concrete is needed in order to support the building. Specific notches also have to be constructed in the concrete foundation to secure the arches of the building’s frame. Both of these factors increase the price of the building.

Quonset huts are, however, much easier to build. Because there’s no need for interior columns or other types of support, the building can be erected using only scaffolding—no cranes or other large vehicles are needed.


Because of their shape, Quonset huts can hold up to severe weather better than traditional straight wall buildings can. They can withstand a larger amount of snow, plus they hold up better in high winds. In areas where specific building codes specify how strong a structure must be, Quonset huts may be cheaper to build than reinforced straight wall buildings.

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Turn Your Dream Home Space into a Reality Using Prefabricated Steel Building

Put up a garage faster.

There are many garage kits available in the market. These made out garage kits are easy to put up together. In fact, you are not really building a new structure, you’re just assembling a building. This the big difference. Not only does it impact the overall cost of your project, but it also impacts the time. When you’re in a rush to put up a garage, you can do so with a prefabricated steel building kit.metal-garage-single

Put up a room addition cheaply.

One of the biggest hassles of putting up a new room is that you have to knock down walls and you have to put up a new extension using a concrete or wood, it can take a lot of time. Moreover, it takes a lot of skill. Skilled laborer is very expensive. You can do away with all those headaches by putting up a room addition, using a prefabricated steel building kit. These kits are so easy to work with. You or somebody with a very low level carpentry skills can easily install a prefabricated steel building kit just by looking at the instructions. Remember, these types of buildings are structures that you assemble. You don’t build them in the traditional sense.

Build a house extension quickly and cheaply.

House extensions require that you tear down a wall or replace a window. However, the most expensive way to go about it is to do it the traditional way. This means hiring an architect and a skilled carpenters and masons. Doing so costs a lot of money. In fact your biggest cost is not the materials that you will be spending, but the actual labor that is needed. If you use prefabricated steel building on the other hand, you can do away with your skill labor cost because these are very easy to install. You can build the extension very quickly and cheaply.

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Use a Prefabricated Steel Building when Building Out Your Home

f you are interested in adding up a home addition, probably one of the things that turned you off or discouraged you from pursuing your dreams of adding more space in your home is cost. Let’s face it. It costs a lot of money to tear down walls, change the structure of your home and expand the footprint of your home. Traditional buildings are very costly because the raw materials that make up traditional buildings will have to be assembled by a skilled laborer on the job site. This takes time and there could be a lot of waste and errors which can also increase your costs. Thankfully, you can turn your dreams of home space into a reality with the prefabricated steel building. You can put up a new extension to your home or you can put up a garage regardless of what type of additional space you need for your home. You can easily do so by using prefabricated steel building kits.

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Reasons Why You Should Use Self Storage Steel Buildings

Here are the reasons why you should use self storage steel buildings instead of expanding your business using traditional construction methods.

Use these buildings to meet all your business’ space needs

Self storage steel buildings function and operate the same way as traditional building structures. You can close them and open them the same way. They respond to heat and the elements the same way. The only difference really is the cost. It does not cost an arm and a leg to get new storage areas and storage capacity with self storage steel buildings as compared to traditional buildings. The reason for this cost advantage is because of the fact that self storage steel buildings are already manufactured. They are manufactured in the factory and they just got taken apart so they can be shipped to your job site. They only need to be assembled and you have yourself a new self storage steel buildings. The great thing about this process is the fact that you are actually assembling a manufactured item. This manufactured item has a lower per unit cost because it was produced using modern mass manufacturing technology.commercial quonset

Put up new storage units faster

Since you are basically just ordering self storage buildings from the factory, you can get these units shipped quickly to your job site and put them up as fast as the demand builds up for your service. If you are in a fast moving area that requires a lot of storage space, you can keep up with your customers’ demands just by simply picking up the phone and ordering new self storage units to add to your building.

Put up new storage units cheaper

Another key reason why it is cheaper to put up self storage steel buildings is because of the low scale involved. You can pay less for lower skilled workers, also it does not take them much time to put up these self storage steel buildings. Put these two factors together and you save quite a bit of money.



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Expand Your Storage Business With Self Storage Steel Buildings

quonset garageThe self storage industry in the United States is growing at a fast clip. As more and more people deal with foreclosure or having to rent, more and more people are storing their stuff at self storage facilities. The great thing about the self storage business is that it is a monthly recurring business. In other words, every single month the people that store materials on your premises have to pay rent for that storage. If people miss their rent payments, after you have given them enough notice and enough chance to claim their possessions, you can make money of the materials that they stored at your premises. This is why the self storage business in the United States is booming. With that said, you can manage your expansion costs effectively by using self storage steel buildings instead of building traditional structures.

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Reasons Why You Should Consider Small Steel Building for Your Business Planning

Here are the reasons why you should consider small steel buildings in your over all business processes and planning.

Low per unit cost

Thanks to miracles of modern manufacturing technology it is so much cheaper to put up small steel buildings instead of having these buildings built the traditional way. Traditional building technology involves taking parts and hiring skilled labor to put these parts together so you can assemble the building at the job site. Compare this with small steel buildings that are manufactured in huge amounts at a factory. A lot of those manufacturing efficiencies drive the unit costs of small steel buildings. They are made of low cost parts while not compromising on quality.

Flexibilityquonset front

Since it is easy for you to put up small steel buildings, it is easy for you to move these buildings around. This is precisely the kind of flexibility you need for your business if your service or product mix changes with time. You need to be able to move buildings around quickly with minimal cost for you to capture whatever business opportunities may come up in the near or long term future for your business.


Nobody really knows what will happen to your business in the future. You might come across certain opportunities that require you to scale up your operations. On the other hand, your business might encounter certain challenges that may require your business to scale down, in terms of its physical plan or physical premises. The great thing about putting up small steel buildings is that it is easy for you to scale up and also it is easy for you to scale down. Compare this with traditional buildings where it will cost you a lot of time, effort and money to either add on to buildings or construct new buildings or tear down those buildings. If you want maximum flexibility and scalability you need to consider small steel buildings.

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Why Consider Using a Portable Garage

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider a modern portable garage when it comes to looks.

Greater Variety

Thanks to modern mass manufacturing technology and machines, you don’t have to settle for a boxy or a block-like look for your metal portable garage. In fact, if you’re looking for something sleek and modern mystique, there are designs out there that can give you that look. If you’re looking something minimalistic or something very modern, there are steel manufacturers that produce portable garage kits with that particular too. There is such a big market for portable garage kits that there are many different designers and manufacturers that offer different looks and styles. With this wide range of choice, you can pick a portable garage that looks best with the existing design of your home and surrounding structures.

Easy to Paintquonset garage

Contemporary portable garage kits are easier to paint. They are manufactured so they can take whatever paint that you use and also take whatever texture you use. The great thing about contemporary designs is that they are designed with an eye towards retaining their paint job for a long time. Compare this situation with portable garage kits on offer several decades ago that were quite harsh on paint. Why? The paint would peel off after a few years due to the flat design of these earlier portable garage kits.

Portability is King

It’s one thing to say that you have a portable garage kit. It’s another to actually see that portability in action. Portability is all about taking apart an assembled unit compressing its footprint and size, putting it on a truck or a ship and shipping it to its new home. Modern portable garage kits definitely fit the bill portability. They are easy to reduce. They are easy to disassemble and they are easy to ship and transport.

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Get More Business Flexibility With Small Steel Buildings

quonset-commercial-truckOne of the biggest factors in managing a business is flexibility. You need to have flexible operations so you can take advantage of opportunities that may pop up in the future. You also need to run your business in a very flexible way so you can meet challenges head on and save money trying to meet these challenges. Regardless, flexibility is the key to a well run business. You definitely get a lot of flexibility if you invest in small steel buildings instead of having such buildings built the traditional way. Small steel buildings can help your business scale up and it can help you scale down with minimal costs.

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A Portable Garage Can Look Great Too

quonset garageA lot of people mistakenly think that if you have a portable garage, it has to look lousy. They often confuse modern portable garage designs and offerings with portable garage products of the distant past. Sure, in the distant past, metal portable garage kits look hideous. They looked like they were designed by somebody that they didn’t care about how people thought of their looks. These designs are primarily aimed at saving money for homeowners that are looking for garage additions. The good news is that modern portable garage isn’t a monstrosity. Thanks to manufacturing innovations, some portable garage models actually look better than traditional garage buildings.

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Benefits of Using Metal Storage Buildings

These are exactly the benefits metal storage buildings bring to the table. They help you build your storage buildings quickly and cheaper.

Low Cost

Thanks to lower cost in terms of manufacturing and instalment labor, putting up metal storage buildings doesn’t take too long and doesn’t cost much money. You can quickly erect up a lot of storage buildings in a very short period of time. This can explode the amount of storage space you have available to rent out.quonset-commercial-truck


Since businesses often come across large scale costumers, you can quickly scale up to the needs of your customers as they walk in through the door. You can scale up quickly and you can scale up cheaply using metal storage buildings.


In the event that your business head south and you become unprofitable, you can easily pack up your metal storage buildings and reduce your cost by moving to a cheaper location. This high amount of portability can actually increase your profit margin and make you more competitive. At the very least, it makes your business more flexible against any rough surprises that fortune throws its way.

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