Quonset Homes

quonset houses

  • Simple to Construct Exterior Walls
  • Completely Customizable
  • Sized for Your Dream Home
  • Simple Shipping for Remote Locations
  • Engineer Stamped Blueprints
  • Customize Your Own Interior
  • Termite Proof for High Risk Areas
  • Great for Storm Locations

Prefabricated homes have become very popular recently and quonset buildings have been in the forefront.

Quonset home kits include everything that’s needed for the exterior walls of your home. They’re completely self-supporting which means there are no interior support walls required and you are free to customize your home however you may like.

Home Sizes

Like all our quonset buildings, our houses are custom built based on the customers requirement. Whether you’re looking for a 300 square foot cabin, or a 5000 square foot mansion, a quonset can be manufactured to meet your needs.

Quonset Steel Home Pricing

All of our quonset homes have the steel gauged appropriately for your building codes and are engineered certified to give you peace of mind. Because of this each building kit is priced individually based on your needs, and local building codes.

Price Your Quonset Home

Please note this is for the building shell. You are responsible for customizing the interior.