Quonset Garages

A quonset steel garage kit is perfect for building your custom dream garage. Whether you want a basic single garage, or a double garage with a workshop attached, we can find a quonset steel building for you!

Why Choose a Quonset Garage?

  • Easy D.I.Y. Assembly
  • Incredible Steel Durability
  • Custom Designed for Your Needs
  • Engineer Certified
  • 100% Useable Interior Space
  • Unique Style
  • Shipped to Your Doorstep
  • Low Pricing You can Afford!

Price a Building

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quonset garage kit

Garage Sizes

Steel garage kits can be customized to virtually any width and any length in two foot intervals.
Common Garage sizes are:

  • Single Garage: 12'-16' wide x 16'-25' long
  • Double Garage: 20'-25' wide x 20'-30' long
  • Any size you need!

Quonset Steel Garage Kit Pricing

Quonsets are designed and manufactured based on customer requirements. The steel is gauged based on your snow loads, then the factory engineers will review and certify your quonset building plans for easier permit approval.

Top 4 Reasons Why Many Homeowners Prefer Steel Garages

If you are looking to add a new garage to your home or are thinking of tearing down your existing garage, you might want to considering using steel garage kits to build your next car or home storage space. Steel garage kits are pre-cut and pre-measured and save quite a bit of time and money to set up. In fact, you can skip a lot of the usual headaches you'd experience when building a traditional garage using traditional construction materials. Here are the top four reasons why an increasing number of homeowners across North America are using steel garages instead of the traditional brick and mortar or wood garage setup.

Easy to set up
There is a big difference between building something and assembling something. When you build something, you take smaller parts, process them, fit them together, and assemble them. All on the job site. When you assemble something, you take something that has already been previously measured and cut, and you merely fit them together on the job site. As you can tell, assembling things on site means there are less steps involved and you can put up structures quickly.

Lower building costs
Labor is one of the biggest costs of putting up buildings-whether it be a garage or a warehouse or a barn. Labor costs. When you are merely assembling something on a job site, your labor costs are much lower since your contractors aren't piecing things together, processing, and measuring pieces. They only fit stuff together to put your building up.

Lower total cost of ownership
In addition to the labor and setup-related costs of steel garage kits, putting up steel garages also save you quite a bit of money in the long haul because you don't have to worry so much about weather damage, termite damage, and other wear and tear and risks involved with traditional wood or brick and mortar buildings. Moreover, you don't have to worry about weather damage and wear and tear as much. All these factors reduce your overall cost of ownership.

Easy to Replace
Once you are ready to move on with your garage, it will be very easy to tear down and replace. Steel garages are modular and are taken down as easily and quickly as they are put up. Compare this with having to demolish a concrete or brick and mortar garage. Make no mistake about it steel garage kits are more flexible.

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