3 Tips For Steel Building Clearance During The Permit Process

Collect all product specifications

Since you are putting up a steel building, you are basically putting up a prefabricated product. Just like any product, it would have specifications. Make sure you collect all the product specifications for the steel building that you are going to be putting up. This is a key part of the steel building clearance. After all, the people inspecting your building, before giving you a permit, you need to look at all the specifications of the product so they can approve your steel building.

Present all product descriptions

Now that you have all the specifications for the product that you are going to be putting up, you have to also make sure that the description is correct. One key stick in point in the steel building clearance process is when the product specifications and product descriptions and the plans do not match up. It is too easy for the government inspectors, who are in charge of giving you a permit, to be skeptical because these pieces of information do not line up. Make sure you present them all together and make sure that you clearly explain which goes with which.

Contact the manufacturer for any questions the inspectors might have

Just like in real life, all sorts of things may come up. There might be all sorts of confusion or, at the very least, miscommunication between you and the inspectors. You do not have to stress out when this happens, you only need to pick up the phone or send an e-mail to the manufacturer of the steel building that you are thinking of putting up. Send them the questions that the inspectors might have. This can be a very frustrating part of the steel building clearance but it is not impossible.