Why Steel Is a Better Building Material Than Wood

quonset barn

Human nature is curious, which is why today we have many different materials with which a building can be built. But it is not always curiosity; sometimes, it’s just the sheer number of advantages one specific material can give over the other. These are some reasons why steel is a better building material than wood.…

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Considerations when Purchasing Prefab Homes

quonset houses

With the rise in housing costs and the development of new technologies, prefab homes are becoming increasingly popular throughout Canada. In the past the thought of prefabricated housing usually went hand in hand with negative connotations. These days however you’ll find things have changed and while there are still $20k mobile homes on the market,…

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Is it Quonset, Quanset, Quansit, or Some Other Spelling?

quonset barn

With over half a century of popularity, the arch-steel buildings we know and love have many names such as Quanset. What’s the most popular spelling? The most popular spellings we see in Canada, along with the number of searches for that word alone are: Quonset – About 40 searches per week Quanset – About 10…

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Build Your Own Garage with Prefab Quonset Building Kit

quonset wall

End your Contractor Headaches by Assembling a Prefab Quonset Building Kit The Ones to Look Out For The problem with traditional construction is you often have to deal with prima Donnas in the construction trade. Prima Donnas isn’t just presenting on the big screen or on TV. There are all sorts of prima Donnas in…

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What are Nissen Huts?

Quonset Huts during WWI

Nissen huts have fallen in popularity since their invention in WWI. To our knowledge no one is actively producing them but their essence lives on in a similar building style; quonsets. What are Nissen Huts? They are an arch-style building consisting of an internal frame with steel over it. The internal frame was typically steel.…

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Where did the name Quonset come from?

Nissen Building

Quonset buildings have a fascinating history that predates the use of the building term ‘Quonset‘ itself. The term ‘Quonset’ comes from an Algonquian First Nations word meaning “small, long place”. That definition seems to fit the buildings themselves, but it’s actually referring to a peninsula. Read on for a brief history of these amazing buildings…

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Straight Wall Buildings vs. Quonset Huts

Steel Building

The term Quonset hut may be unfamiliar to some. This type of prefabricated building is made out of galvanized steel with a semicircular cross-section. They look like long logs that have been cut in half. Many of these Quonset huts were built during World War II for the military. They’re still in use today for…

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Why You Should Use a Steel Building when Expanding Your Home

quonset home

If you are interested in adding a home addition, most likely one of the things that turned you off or discouraged you from pursuing your dreams of adding more space, is cost. The Problem Let’s face it. It costs a lot of money to tear down walls, change the structure of your home and expand…

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Expand Your Storage Business With Self Storage Steel Buildings

warehouse building

The Self Storage Industry is Growing As an increasing number of people deal with foreclosure or having to rent, more and more people are storing their stuff at self storage facilities. Considering Starting One? The great thing about the self storage business is that it is a monthly recurring business. In other words, every single…

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Reasons Why You Should Consider Small Steel Quonset for Your Business Planning

Quonset Commercial Building

Here are the reasons why you should consider small steel Quonset buildings in your over all business processes and planning. Low Per Unit Cost Thanks to miracles of modern manufacturing it is so much cheaper to put up small Quonset building instead of having these buildings built the traditional way. Traditional building technology involves taking…

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Top Reasons to Consider Using a Quonset Garage

quonset garages

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider a steel quonset garage. Greater Variety Thanks to modern mass manufacturing technology and machines, you don’t have to settle for a boxy or a block-like look for your metal portable garage. In fact, if you’re looking for something sleek and modern mystique, there are designs…

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Get More Business Flexibility With Small Steel Buildings

commercial quonset

One of the biggest factors in managing a business is flexibility. You need to have flexible operations so you can take advantage of opportunities that may pop up in the future. You also need to run your business in a very flexible way so you can meet challenges head on and save money trying to…

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A Quonset Garage Can Look Great Too!

quonset shed garage

A lot of people mistakenly think that if you have a quonset garage, it has to look lousy. That’s simply not true! They often confuse modern portable garage designs and offerings with portable garage products of the distant past. Sure, in the distant past, metal portable garage kits look hideous. They looked like they were…

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Benefits of Using Metal Storage Buildings

storage quonset

Today we’ll look at some benefits metal storage buildings bring to the table. In a nutshell, they help you build your storage buildings quickly and cheaper. Let’s dive a little deeper though. Low Cost Thanks to lower cost in terms of manufacturing and installment labor, putting up metal storage buildings is quite quick and the…

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3 Tips to Remember When Looking for the Right Contractor

quonset contractor

Finding the right contractor is essential to making your building project a success. Here are three tips to help you find the right team to build your building. Just because we sell Track Record / Experience When looking at many different steel building contractors, make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. In other words, make…

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Build New Storage Buildings Quickly and Cheaper


In the storage industry, whether you are catering to businesses or you’re offering self-storage space to consumers, having enough storage space to meet client demand is crucial. This is fairly straight forward. The more storage buildings you have, the more storage space you can offer. The more storage space you can offer, the more money…

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Why Metal Storage Barns Cost Less

quonset steel barn kit

If you have a farm or any type of agricultural operation, you know how important storage is to your business. Reason #1 – Keep Your Costs Low The modern American farm is all about business. Modern farmers have to pay attention to their inputs, their output and their yield. If any of these factors are…

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3 Tips to Make More Money with Steel Agricultural Buildings

quonset barn

Traditional barns cost money Traditional barns made from wood, concrete and steel paneling can be quite expensive not only to build but to maintain as well. People often do not want to have to borrow money just to put up a barn. It can take years for you to get your money back. The great…

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3 Tips About Using a Steel Building When You’re Saving Money

agricultural barn

Scalability Who knows what your plans will be in the future? After all, when it comes to business we really cannot look clearly into the future. Nobody has a magic crystal ball that can accurately predict what is coming to your business. There might be certain business opportunities that would require you to scale up…

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