Metal Dome Buildings: A Comprehensive Guide for Canadians

metal dome buildings canada

In recent years, metal dome buildings have grown in popularity across Canada. They offer a versatile and cost-effective solution for personal, commercial, and agricultural uses. From garages and workshops to warehouses, these structures are great options. They provide Canadians with a durable and low-maintenance alternative to traditional construction. This article will help you gain insight…

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Arch Metal Buildings: Quality, Strength & Versatility

canadian arch metal buildings

Are you tired of limiting traditional wooden structures? Do you crave a sturdier, more versatile space to suit your needs? Look no further than arch metal buildings! These structures have taken rural Canada by storm. It offers customers a durable, cost-effective personal, agricultural, and commercial solution. Whether you’re looking to build a garage, workshop, or…

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Doing Some Construction? Get a Backhoe Loader

backhoe loader

Construction projects need the right equipment to get the job done. Thankfully, a backhoe loader fills a variety of roles to help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. We’ll look into why it may be the ideal peice of equipmetn for your needs. What Is a Backhoe Loader? A backhoe loader is that…

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How to Build A Quonset Hut

quonset construction panel

One of the significant advantages of a Quonset Hut is that it’s easy to build. If you can throw a wrench, the chances are that you will be able to assemble a Quonset hut! Here’s a video outlining the process: Build Your Arches: If you want to achieve perfect arches in your home improvement projects,…

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Should You Insulate Your Quonset Hut?

quonset hut insulation

Whether or not you’re thinking of insulating your quonset building often comes down to its use. People generally think of insulation for homes and cabins, but there are reasons to consider insulation for other purposes too. Insulation allows for better climate control within your buildings. This minimizes heating and cooling expenses. Even if you don’t…

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What is Galvalume Steel?

quonset side panels

Galvalume steel is a type of steel that has a coating applied to its surface. This coating then provides long-lasting protection from both rust and corrosion. Galvalume steel is treated by the process of hot dipping, in which the metal parts are immersed in liquid zinc then into clean water. The hot zinc makes contact…

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Why Steel Is a Better Building Material Than Wood

quonset barn

Human nature is curious, which is why today we have many different materials with which a building can be built. But it is not always curiosity; sometimes, it’s just the sheer number of advantages one specific material can give over the other. These are some reasons why steel is a better building material than wood.…

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Build Your Own Garage with Prefab Quonset Building Kit

quonset wall

End your Contractor Headaches by Assembling a Prefab Quonset Building Kit The Ones to Look Out For The problem with traditional construction is you often have to deal with prima Donnas in the construction trade. Prima Donnas isn’t just presenting on the big screen or on TV. There are all sorts of prima Donnas in…

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Straight Wall Buildings vs. Quonset Huts

Steel Building

The term Quonset hut may be unfamiliar to some. This type of prefabricated building is made out of galvanized steel with a semicircular cross-section. They look like long logs that have been cut in half. Many of these Quonset huts were built during World War II for the military. They’re still in use today for…

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Benefits of Using Metal Storage Buildings

storage quonset

Today we’ll look at some benefits metal storage buildings bring to the table. In a nutshell, they help you build your storage buildings quickly and cheaper. Let’s dive a little deeper though. Low Cost Thanks to lower cost in terms of manufacturing and installment labor, putting up metal storage buildings is quite quick and the…

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3 Tips to Remember When Looking for the Right Contractor

quonset contractor

Finding the right contractor is essential to making your building project a success. Here are three tips to help you find the right team to build your building. Just because we sell Track Record / Experience When looking at many different steel building contractors, make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. In other words, make…

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Steel Building Project

Quonset Commercial Building

Reduce Your Liabilities With Low Cost Steel Buildings One of the biggest costs any business undertakes are mortgage liabilities. Mortgages cost you every single month and detract from the revenues. But I Need a Building! In many cases, you really can’t avoid this if you need to put up a building. This is especially true…

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How to Save Money on Garages and Storage Buildings

quonset shed garage

Who Needs Storage? Most People If you have an expanding business, you might be considering putting up additional garages and storage buildings. Whether you store materials or you need additional workspace, garages and storage buildings can give you the square feet you need to scale up your business operations. If you have a home you…

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The First Quonset Hut

Quonset Huts during WWI

True to its versatile, easy to assemble, and portable form, the first Quonset Hut was built within 2 months after the Fuller company got the Navy contract award. The original hut was made of corrugated steel sheet sides. The ends of the hut had plywood coverings and windows and a door. The interior of the…

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Why a Quonset Building is Ideal for Remote Locations

quonset building kit

It doesn’t matter if you choose Modular, Manufactured, or Panelized construction, each part is made up of ready-made components, on an assembly line, in a factory, out of harm’s way from weather and thieves. After each of the pieces are built they are set up for transport to your site. Tractor trailers are used for…

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Why a Prefab Quonset Building is Ideal for Remote Locations

quonset building kit

Over the years there have been many advances within the industry of steel buildings. Today they are so much more than the not so elegant doublewides of days gone by. Modular, Panelized, Precut, and Manufactured building are all categories of modern prefab building. When completed modern steel buildings are very hard to distinguish from conventional…

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Get a Better ROI from a Quonset Steel Building

Better ROI The faster you put up your prefab office buildings, the faster you can start renting your office units out. The faster building units are leased, the faster you recover your investment. Moreover, lower costs mean faster capital recovery and a faster track to profit. Depending on your local lease rates, you can enjoy…

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