Need a DIY Garage? Consider a Quonset

diy garage quonset
Quite often, we need a little bit more space. Space to do the things we enjoy, storage, possibly a workshop, or even a multi-purpose space. We recommend considering a Quonset garage kit to accomplish this. A chat with your building manufacturer is important as you work through your concept. This would be important, as you can get the most for the area and on a manageable budget to meet your needs. 

Your Quonset Garage, Workshop & Shop Kit

A quonset garage kit is a cost-effective, high-quality diy garage, without breaking the bank. For DIY persons, quonsets are the ideal solution thanks to being prefabricated and providing quality hardware and components. Quonset garage kits also come with manuals! These manuals also generally guide you through the preparation of the most suitable foundation to accommodate the Quonset garage design that was chosen. In the kit as well, will be warranties on rust protection, giving you that piece of mind in the longevity of the garage.

Once constructed as per instructions, your quonset garage can withstand many of the things that Mother Nature may throw at it. This is also as a result of the arch panels which are made from galvalume steel. This will help you be even more confident that the building will keep your vehicle and its contents safe in the space.

Build Your Own Quonset Garage

When the garage kit has been delivered by the manufacturing plant to your site, the process for erecting the building is designed to be a simple one. When you are ready to construct:


  • The arch panels should be laid out one after the other on the ground.

  • They should then be bolted together to construct the arch

  • After that, raise the arches into position.

  • Each arch should be securely bolted into the foundation

As each arch is raised, the overall shape of the quonset garage will start to form. This then leaves the installation of the end walls. Usually, these can be customized to suit your preferences. These end wall panels have already been cut and labeled to make sure they fit perfectly with the rest of the garage.

The Quonset Garage Interior

Consider insulating the building. The structure is susceptible to moisture, which can cause some damage and even shorten the lifespan of your garage. With the use of insulation, as recommended by your manufacturer, you can ensure that the inside has an added layer of protection. This also means condensation will not occur. With this said, it also means that you have improved the energy efficiency as well, since the internal temperature can more easily be kept consistent. 

Should you want to repurpose your garage in the future, this can be done easily since there are no fixed internal, nor load-bearing walls. Therefore the garage may be compartmentalized easily to accommodate other uses.

Quonset Exterior

A steel quonset does not mean that you must have a visually dull and boring structure. The use of color can make such a big difference. Panels can come pre-painted from the factory, or you can even paint them yourself (but this is less durable).

Choosing the Best Quonset Garage for You

The primary thought is to figure out how you are actually going to be using your garage. Consider if you are simply housing vehicles, or maybe you are thinking of having a bit of room to build a workshop area with some storage racks? Are you likely to have some designated storage space as well? There is no limit to what you can possibly consider doing, but before getting started, you should speak with your kit manufacturer.

Along with this, if you are situated in a storm-prone area, it might be useful to know that these structures can withstand some serious weather conditions. There is also no worry about termites or warping, like in traditionally constructed buildings. As your contents are secured, your insurance liability and cost may be reduced.