Modular Quonset Steel Housing Kits

quonset housesModular quonset buildings are sectional buildings prefabricated off-site in a factory in a similar way to mobile homes, but there are many differences between the two. Each modular quonset house consists of several different sections called modules. A module is a six sided box that can be placed or stacked in a variety of different ways meaning that there is no restriction on the size of home that can be built and there are multiple different configurations so that each home can be unique.

Often, the same materials used in traditional site constructed housing are used to manufacture modular homes too. This includes wooden framed floors, walls and the roof most often and many modular homes also have stone or brick exteriors and a steeply pitched roof. The result of this is that a modern modular home can be practically indistinguishable from a traditionally constructed home.

At the base of a quonset modular home is a solid foundation or basement, yet another feature that distinguishes it from a mobile home that is typically constructed with an integral steel chassis as part of the flooring system and also to attach wheels for transport.
Whilst most mobile home owners need specialist mortgage lenders to approve a loan secured on their homes, a modular building is much easier to arrange funding for as they are treated much more like a conventional house. Mobile homes also have a fairly standard layout with very similar plans even with all the different models. A modular home has no restrictions on its configuration and design and can be built completely to a client’s specifications including multiple storeys and even whole apartment complexes.

Construction of a modular quonset home is fast; it can take as little as ten days but more usual is a one to three month build time. This is because the already completed modules are transported to the building site and assembled on-site by a crane. Actually siting and placing each of the modules can take between a few hours and several days depending on the complexity of the build. Once assembly is complete, modular homes can be essentially indistinguishable from a normal site-built home.

The cost of buying modular housing is usually a little higher than with a mobile or panelized home, but the overall construction costs are much less as the amount of labour needed to finish the home after all of the modules have been delivered is minimal. Learn more about prefab homes at