Prefabricated Home Additions – Quality without the Cost

quonset housesIt is becoming more and more common to see houses being built or upgraded using modular and prefabricated quonset housing. Why this popularity? The answer is simple prefabricated modular units have advantages that other construction methods cannot match. Some of these advantages include:

Flexibility Of Design
More traditional housing construction methods limit the homeowner to the options (if any) the original designers of the home incorporated into the design of the home. With quonset construction (prefab home additions), the homeowner has hundreds of options and design possibilities. The builders can work with the homeowner and the manufacturers of the home units to determine what type, design and quality of modular home unit best suits the needs of the homeowner.

Faster Construction
Everyone knows that in the construction industry the longer a construction project goes on the more it costs, interest on construction financing among other expenses is something to think about. Aside from the costs, the shear relief of moving in to a new house quickly or the completion of a building project using quonset home additions is very much appreciated by new and existing homeowners. Modular homes are typically built in one third the time needed to construct a traditionally built home. This impressive savings in time is due to the concurrent work on the site and home construction. The manufacturers have highly skilled workforces who work all the year round in constructing these quonset units.

Quality Construction
The overall quality of modular units is typically higher than traditional site built homes. The manufacturers have invested in high technology tools in their factories, which they use to produce as standard, very high quality components that are incorporated into the quonset home additions. To get these components traditionally the homeowner would need to pay much more.

One Room or More
Many people find that the house they currently have has become “tight”, that is to say the home owner needs more space. Traditionally the home owner could call a builder to add a room or two. They are shocked to find that a 100 foot room could cost as much as $40,000. Thankfully modular units or quonset home additions are now available for much less that allow the home owner to choose what kind of room or rooms they want to add as well as doing so for amounts that most people can afford.