Finding the right building for your business is a difficult task. There are many benefits to commercial quonset buildings that can make it the ideal fit when budget, size and speed of construction are factors.

Why Choose a Quonset?

  • It's a surprisingly affordable solution for businesses on a budget
  • It offers a unique look that helps your business stand out!
  • Quonsets are expandable by adding additional arches. This is great for growing businesses.
  • There's 100% useable space as quonsets have no support posts
  • You can easily customize the front and back wall for your needs
  • Commercial quonset buildings are customized right from the factory

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Bolted Construction

Panels are pre-cut & drilled at the factory, then bolted together for simple assembly.


Quonset huts originally only came in a single semi-circular design. Now modern engineering and fabrication techniques allow for their creation in 4 different styles to fit your aesthetics and local codes.

Q Model

q model

P Model

p model

S Model

model s

X Model

model x

A Couple of Reasons to Consider Quonsets

There are many reasons you might choose a steel building for your business. Here are two of them if you’re not already convinced…

1. Low cost

One of the best ways to beat your competition is to spend less on your operations. This is precisely what you will be doing when you invest in a new quonset building. These are built at the factory. There is a significant amount of savings which come from efficient factory production. They don’t have to be manufactured from scratch or customized on the job site. This makes them much cheaper both in terms of installation as well as parts prices than custom built garages.

2. Scalability

quonset wallIf your future building needs room to expand, commercial quonsets can definitely keep up with the size of your business. quonsets can be easily taken apart and added on to. They can be scaled up whether you are doubling in size or whether you need to move things around. Using garage kits for your premises expansion plan definitely gives you a lot of scalabilities. This is exactly what you need to get a competitive advantage. Compare this to your competitors using concrete buildings. Once they do that, they have to smash walls or tear down the whole building just to expand it. You don’t have to do that when you use metal garage kits.


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