Quonset Barns & Farm Buildings

Quonset buildings have become incredibly popular for agricultural purposes due to their low cost, easy assembly, and longevity. The needs of every barn is unique and that's why we custom manufacture each quonset steel barn building kit to meet the needs of you the client. Let us know your needs and we'll be happy to price a quonset building for your farm!

  • Simple Barn Assembly
  • Outlasts Wood Alternatives
  • Sized for Your Needs
  • Expandable for Future Growth
  • Engineer Stamped Blueprints
  • 100% Clear Interior Storage Space
  • Delivered to Your Farm
  • Fire Proof Unlike Wood
  • Amazing Long Lasting Value for your Dollar

Price a Quonset Building

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quonset steel barn kit


Barn Sizes

Our barn panels can be sized for virtually any width or length. Whether you're looking for a certain square footage of storage, or a specific set of dimensions to fit your property, we can have a steel barn produced to your specifications.

Quonset Steel Barn Kit Pricing

Our quonset steel barns are competitively priced to compete with any of the alternatives. When you consider their estimated life span, ease of construction, and the free-span interior however, they offer an unbeatable value.

3 Things every farmer needs to know about steel barn buildings

If you are a farmer who wants to maximize your return on investment and really want to take your farm's productivity, profits, and output to the next level, you need to forget about traditional barn designs for your expansion plans. That's right-you need to toss out the picture of the traditional a-frame wood or brick and mortar barn out of your mind and let modern building technology work for you. In short, you need to start considering steel barn buildings for your fast-growing and fast-moving farm. In the same way, you are looking for more efficient and effective means to boost yields, you should use the specific strengths of steel barns to boost your farm's bottom line Read below for the three key things every farmer should know about steel barn buildings.

High strength to weight ratio
If you are looking for a quality structure that can take whatever Mother Nature can throw its way, you have to pay attention to the structure's strength-to-weight ratio. In other words, the building must be durable based on its weight. The good news is that you don't have to invest in concrete or traditional building materials for a sturdy barn. Steel barns have a high strength-to-weight ratio and can handle most of the punishment the weather can throw its way. Thanks to modern steel fabrication technology, steel barns can take quite a bit of beating.

High extreme weather tolerance
If you are farming up in frigid Canadian weather, steel barn buildings have you covered. Literally. These farm structures can take the very worst nature can throw their way and still come out a winner. This is one of the main reasons why farmers all over North America prefer steel barns. They aren't are susceptible to fire damage. They are completely immune to termites. And they look great throughout the years as long as you paint them regularly.

Affordable space
On a per square foot basis, using steel barn buildings to boost your farm storage area is a great move because you save quite a bit. Thanks to great advances in steel technology, most of the internal spaces of steel barn buildings aren't eaten up by support structures. As a result, you get more storage and production or processing space. On a space basis, steel barns offer more affordable space.

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