Quonset Homes & Houses

Prefabricated homes have become very popular recently and quonset buildings have been in the forefront.

Quonset buildings include everything that's needed for the exterior walls of your home. They're completely self-supporting which means there are no interior support walls required and you are free to customize your home however you may like.

  • Simple to Construct Exterior Walls
  • Completely Customizable
  • Sized for Your Dream Home
  • Simple Shipping for Remote Locations
  • Engineer Stamped Blueprints
  • Customize Your Own Interior
  • Termite Proof for High Risk Areas
  • Great for Storm Locations

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Home Sizes

Like all our quonset buildings, our houses are custom built based on the customers requirement. Whether you're looking for a 300 square foot cabin, or a 5000 square foot mansion, a quonset can be manufactured to meet your needs.

Quonset Steel Home Pricing

All quonset homes should have the steel gauged appropriately for your building codes and be engineered certified to give you peace of mind. Because of this each building kit is priced individually based on your needs, and local building codes.

Quonset Home Gallery

Quonset Home Blogs

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With over half a century of popularity, the arch-steel buildings we know and love have many names such as Quanset. What’s the most popular spelling? The most popular spellings we see in Canada, along with the number of searches for that word alone are: Quonset – About 40 searches per week Quanset – About 10…

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Turn Your Dream Home into a Reality Using Prefabricated Steel Building

Add an Affordable Addition One of the biggest hassles of putting up a new room is that you have to knock down walls and you have to put up a new extension using a concrete or wood, it can take a lot of time. Moreover, it takes a lot of skill. Skilled laborer is very…

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Why You Should Use a Steel Building when Expanding Your Home

If you are interested in adding a home addition, most likely one of the things that turned you off or discouraged you from pursuing your dreams of adding more space, is cost. The Problem Let’s face it. It costs a lot of money to tear down walls, change the structure of your home and expand…

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