Regardless of whether your Quonset shed will be for commercial or personal use, a steel shed will offer the best value for your dollar. Steel Sheds can be delivered directly to your location and can be assembled in just a weekend.

Why Choose a Quonset Shed?

  • Easy Weekend Assembly
  • Maintenance Free
  • Custom Sized Sheds
  • Add Panels for Future Growth
  • Plans are Engineer Certified
  • Post Free for 100% Storage Space
  • Free Delivery
  • Fire and Termite Proof
  • Storage Space You Can Trust

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Bolted Construction

Panels are pre-cut & drilled at the factory, then bolted together for simple assembly.


Quonset huts originally only came in a single semi-circular design. Now modern engineering and fabrication techniques allow for their creation in 4 different styles to fit your aesthetics and local codes.

Q Model

q model

P Model

p model

S Model

model s

X Model

model x

Shed Sizing

quonset garden shedAs with all Quonset sheds, steel sheds can be built to your specifications. The panel design of the structures allows you to request custom-sized kits. Widths and lengths typically start at 18 feet. Lengths go up in 2 foot increments as that's the width of a panel.

The quonset shed is primarily a prefabricated hut, made from galvanized steel. These huts have their origins around World War I and in military camps as the widely used structure. The quonset still has a significant number of practical applications. The simplicity of the structure is important as the shed can obviously be used as a secure storage space, as a garage or even as a den. The quonset shed can have a multi-purposed use and style without impacting the structural integrity .

The Benefits of Quonset Storage Sheds

Naturally, these buildings have proven their resilience as well as the many forms of functionality which the owner can harness. The benefits of your quonset storage shed make use of the strength, utility and adaptability in function. Let’s take a closer look at some of these benefits.

Available In Modular Form

quonset shedsA modular structure is one that has been factory-made off-site, and then shipped to the final destination for quick assembly and use. Yes! Your quonset shed can be made like this. In fact it is because of this that it is still widely used. Remember, a structure that can be moved from one location to another with little hassle and constructed in little time. This means time saved and convenience.

Wide Design Options Available

Just have a chat with your preferred contractor or building expert. They can then work through various sizes and shapes and finishes as well for the quonset shed. Who says that you can’t also have a sophisticated touch in the design as well? Add some finesse! The benefit here is versatility as well, for ease of reconfiguration.


Even though the shed is made so that it can be quickly constructed on site, the instructions from the manufacturer once followed can ensure that the building can withstand varying conditions. The quonset shed is durable enough to last for several decades while maintaining its structural integrity.

Easily Removed And Moved

Quonset buildings are easily portable for shipment, which makes them ideal for shipping and distribution. They can be placed in different locations as needed.

Space Efficient Design

There can be the maximum possible use of space within the quonset shed. There are no interior structural nor cross walls, nor is there any need for support columns. This is so since the shape of the quonset hut shed and its structure eliminates any need for the inside structural walls. Therefore no walls inside means more space for effective use.

Low Maintenance

quonset hut panelsBecause the quonset shed is built of metal, the maintenance as compared to a traditionally built shed is lower. There is no fear of termites because it is a metal structure. The metal is also not flammable, and reduces any threat of fire. Challenges such as dry rot and molds is nothing to worry about with the metal quonset shed.

The Cost

With something that has been protecting people, crops and machines, and other materials from the times of world war, the cost may still be a consideration. However the cost is dependent on your design and finishes selected, when you have the conversation with your expert contractor or manufacturer. As a guide though, quonset kits may range in prices of $6 - $15 per square foot. There is also the impact of where you are setting up your shed to any particular building specifications of the area and maybe if you are considering any upgrades.

For Your Consideration

Remember that your Quonset shed can have several uses. If you are not sure, a simple chat with your building expert can help you make a decision.

Some real life ideas and examples of using your quonset shed include:

  • Storing your patio furniture away safely for the winter
  • As your gardening shed, for tools and lawn and landscaping equipment
  • Storage for your sporting goods, camping, hunting and fishing gear
  • Space for your next hobby, inflatable pool raft or even storing your grill

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