A quonset garage is the ideal building for your custom dream garage. Whether you want a basic single garage, or a double garage with a workshop attached, a quonset steel building can get the job done!

Why Choose a Quonset Garage?

  • Easy D.I.Y. Assembly
  • Incredible Steel Durability
  • Custom Designed for Your Needs
  • Engineer Certified
  • 100% Useable Interior Space
  • Unique Style
  • Shipped to Your Doorstep
  • Low Pricing You can Afford!

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Bolted Construction

Panels are pre-cut & drilled at the factory, then bolted together for simple assembly.

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Garage Sizes

Steel garage kits can be customized to virtually any width and any length in two foot intervals.
Common Garage sizes are:

  • Single Garage: 20' wide x 16'-25' long
  • Double Garage: 25' wide x 20'-30' long
  • Any size you need!

Quonset Steel Garage Kit Pricing

Quonset huts are designed and manufactured based on customer requirements. The steel is gauged based on your snow loads, then the factory engineers will review and certify your quonset building plans for easier permit approval.

Why Choose a Steel Garage Quonset?

If you are a homeowner who is looking for a less-expensive way to keep your cars and storage items safe from harsh weather, you might want to consider metal garage kits. Thanks to great advances in metal manufacturing and fabrication technology, it is cheaper to assemble metal garage kits instead of having a custom garage built from scratch. You also free yourself from many of the hassles that come with traditional buildings like fire risks, termites, and related issues. Make no mistake about it-when it comes to home structures, your costs will come in both upfront costs and maintenance costs. You have to be clear about these costs and anticipate them, or you might have to fork over lots of hard-earned cash in the future because you chose the wrong building type. Keep the following crucial factors in mind when looking to use metal garage kits.


Quonset huts originally only came in a single semi-circular design. Now modern engineering and fabrication techniques allow for their creation in 4 different styles to fit your aesthetics and local codes.

Q Model

q model

P Model

p model

S Model

model s

X Model

model x

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Top 5 Reasons Why Many Homeowners Prefer Steel Garages

If you are looking to add a new garage to your home or are thinking of tearing down your existing garage, you might want to consider using steel garage kits to build your next car or home storage space. Steel garage kits are pre-cut and pre-measured and save quite a bit of time and money to set up. In fact, you can skip a lot of the usual headaches you'd experience when building a traditional garage using traditional construction materials. Here are the top four reasons why an increasing number of homeowners across North America are using steel garages instead of the traditional brick and mortar or wood garage setup.

1. Easy to set up

There is a big difference between building something and assembling something. When you build something, you take smaller parts, process them, fit them together, and assemble them. All on the job site. When you assemble something, you take something that has already been previously measured and cut, and you merely fit them together on the job site. As you can tell, assembling things on site means there are less steps involved and you can put up structures quickly.

Since metal garage kits are already pre-cut in the factory and pre-fitted, you only need to assemble them at your home when the kit arrives. Assembly is very simple since the pieces are already fitted and you will get instructions as to which part goes with which. Compare this with building a traditional garage with traditional building materials. You have to take the parts and cut them, measure, fit them, assemble them, and make adjustments. It can take forever. No wonder many home-improvement projects take a long time-there is just too many different parts to the process.

When people put up metal garages, they’re not building a garage, they're just installing a garage. This is not just a difference in word choice; this is a difference in cost and also in skill set. The easier it is to put up a garage the cheaper it will be for you. The faster it is to put up any type of building, the cheaper it will be for you. Keep these factors in mind when finalizing your garage plans.

2. Lower building costs

Since it takes less labor to put together metal garages, they are cheaper. Labor is one of the biggest costs of putting up buildings-whether it be a garage or a warehouse or a barn. Labor costs. When you are merely assembling something on a job site, your labor costs are much lower since your contractors work more efficiently and do not need to cut pieces themselves.

Also, considering the fact that traditional building materials can cost an arm and a leg, the actual material of the metal garages themselves can cost less. This frees up lots of your hard-earned cash and you can use those funds for car accessories or other expenses. In short, a penny saved is a penny earned.

Finally, you need to take into account that accidents happen and those building mistakes cost you money. This is much more common with a garage that a carpenter is building from scratch on the job site. All sorts of things can go wrong. Parts can be measured or cut incorrectly and this can cost you money. Why? It takes time to fix the errors. It takes time to get new parts. This is why when you use garage plans that use standardized parts, you save a lot of money.

3. Lower total cost of ownership

The biggest cost of many other types of garages is not the actual garage itself, or its construction costs. The biggest cost is something you don’t see initially, it's the cost of ownership. Your garage will be subjected to the elements and there will be wear and tear. You have to spend money to handle this. There will be termites. There is a risk of fire. It can all be quite a big headache. Avoid all these hassles by using metal garage kits and assembling your metal garage.
In addition to the labor and setup-related costs of steel garage kits, putting up steel garages also save you quite a bit of money in the long haul because you don't have to worry so much about weather damage, termite damage, and other wear and tear and risks involved with traditional wood or brick and mortar buildings. Moreover, you don't have to worry about weather damage and wear and tear as much. All these factors reduce your overall cost of ownership.

4. Easy to Move

Once you are ready to move on with your garage, it will be very easy to tear down and replace. Steel garages are modular and are taken down as easily and quickly as they are put up. Compare this with having to demolish a concrete or brick and mortar garage. Make no mistake about it steel garage kits are more flexible.

5. Standardized Parts

If you ever happen to need spare parts in the future, you'll be thankful that you went with a quonset garage building. Let's say for example a car goes a little too far and hits the side of your building. You could call up the building provider, order replacement parts and have your building good as new in no time. Another benefit of these standardized parts is that they can engineer designs for low-cost materials to provide quality while saving you money. You can’t say the same with a building that you are constructing from scratch on the job site. You get the best of worlds when you go with steel garage kits that use pre-fabricated metal parts.

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