If you're looking for a building to tinker, hold your tools, or maybe even be the start of a small business then a quonset steel workshop building is a great choice.

Why Choose a Quonset Workshop?

  • Simple Do It Yourself Assembly
  • Strength of Steel
  • Customized for your Needs
  • Engineer Certified
  • 100% Useable Interior
  • Delivered to Your Build-Site
  • Great Value and Investment

Price a Quonset Workshop

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Bolted Construction

Panels are pre-cut & drilled at the factory, then bolted together for simple assembly.

quonset garage kit

Workshop Sizes

You can customize a steel workshop building kit for you that's virtually any width and any length in two foot intervals.

Whether you want a small 20 foot wide workshop to work on the car, or a 60 foot wide workshop to grow your business, a quonset can be built for your needs.

Quonset Workshop Prices

As with virtually all building methods, there are many factors to take into account when pricing. Local building codes are a major determinant of price since the style of arch, gauge of steel, etc. are all dependant on the wind, snow and other loads of your region.
When you contact a steel building company about your workshop, you'll speak with a building representative who can answer your questions and will have a few of their own regarding your usage and build location. From there they will review local codes and potentially speak with the factory engineer to determine the best configuration for your needs, and to provide a quote.


Quonset huts originally only came in a single semi-circular design. Now modern engineering and fabrication techniques allow for their creation in 4 different styles to fit your aesthetics and local codes.

Q Model

q model

P Model

p model

S Model

model s

X Model

model x

Quonset Workshop Pictures

Just a Few Reasons to Choose a Quonset Workshop

Lower material costs

Another key reason why it’s cheaper to use metal garage buildings is that the materials cost less. This is due to the fact that the materials are pre-made. It’s not because they are made of flimsy materials or lower quality materials. Whenever you’re dealing with construction, if you put up a building that has pre-fabricated or pre-made parts, you cut down on material costs.

Lower labor costs

The lower the skill level needed to put up a building, the lower the cost of that building. That much is clear. The great thing about metal garage buildings is that a lot of the guesswork and a lot of the customization are taken out of the equation. You simply assemble pre-made pieces. There’s not much skill involved. As long as you have the right tools, you can put up high-quality metal garage buildings almost overnight. The faster the construction time, the lower your labor costs. The lower the skills required for assembly, the lower your labor costs. It really is that simple and straight forward.

Faster construction can mean higher profits

If you plan to use your quonset workshop for a business, one of the biggest costs of putting up your own building is, of course, your time taken for construction. It costs time as well as money to put up a building. If you use a prefabricated quonset steel workshop, you can cut down on construction costs quite a bit. This is because these are pre-fabricated buildings that you only need to assemble on site. Compare this with building a structure from blueprints. You have to get all sorts of materials, you have to get permits, you have to get the right specialist, this can take quite a bit of time and this can take quite a bit of labor. If you put together the two factors of extended construction time and high-skilled labor, you’re looking at a massive construction bill. You eliminate this big bill by using pre-made or pre-fabricated metal buildings.

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