The Quonset Hut’s Original Requirements

Quonset Huts during WWI

The US Navy needed housing that is easy to disassemble, light, and can be transported across long distances. Moreover, the building must be simple enough so it can be put together by people with no real carpentry or construction skills. To meet these challenging requirements, the Quonset Hut was born. At this point, it is…

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Why a Quonset Building is Ideal for Remote Locations

quonset building kit

It doesn’t matter if you choose Modular, Manufactured, or Panelized construction, each part is made up of ready-made components, on an assembly line, in a factory, out of harm’s way from weather and thieves. After each of the pieces are built they are set up for transport to your site. Tractor trailers are used for…

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Top 4 Reasons Why Prefabricated Metal Buildings are the Wave of the Future

quonset front

We live in fast-moving and fast-changing times, we need buildings, structures, and architecture that can morph in light speed. What made sense a few years back might be completely absurd today. This is why more and more companies and individuals are considering prefabricated metal buildings. They are looking forward to several years in the future,…

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Benefits of a Quonset House

quonset houses

There are several reasons why more and more prospective home buyers are choosing a quonset house built in a factory. Purchasing a quonset house means sticking to your original budget. You don’t have to worry about slipping behind completion schedule or going over your estimated budget. Inspectors can supervise and monitor the whole process of…

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