The History Of Quonset Huts

history of quonset huts

The Quonset hut, also known as an arch steel building because of its dome shape, has quite a significant history. First off, it has evolved out of a solution which was designed strategically as a solution for the military. This design was based on the Nissen hut which was introduced back during World War I…

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The Original Specifications for the Quonset Hut

The overarching need that gave rise to the distinctive Quonset Hut design is that the housing or building must be all-purpose and must be lightweight. This means that the housing can be shipped by the Navy to all corners of the globe. Moreover, the housing must be simple enough that it can be assembled at…

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The Key Role Quonset Huts Played in World War II

Quonset Huts during WWI

There are a lot of factors that contributed to the US/Allied victory over the Axis powers in World War II. Ask a historian about a contributing factor and you will get an answer that might vary from another opinion given by another historian. Considering how big and complicated World War II was, this diversity of…

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