The Quonset Hut’s Contributions to World War 2

quonset historyFurthering our post last week. Here’s are a few more facts about WW2 and the Quonset’s contribution.

Named after Quonset Point in North Kingston, Rhode Island where the Naval Construction Battalion Center was based, the Quonset Hut made the Americans’ efforts at chasing down the Japanese and concentrating troops easier. Since the huts were easy to move and assemble, Quonsets were able to house troops all over the South Pacific. Moreover, the easy to construct houses also made for great logistical buildings-they served as bakeries, pantries, supply depots, hospitals, and offices. While no longer produced for the military, the Quonset’s contribution to the US war effort was immense. Without its mobility, low price, and ease of assembly, the US war effort would have been harder to prosecute.