Top 4 Things Every Homeowner Needs to Know About Prefab Garages

quonset GarageIf you are thinking of getting a new garage for your existing cars or you are thinking of getting a new garage for a new car, you have to keep in mind that your garage options are much wider than you think. Instead of thinking that you have to make do or upgrade what you have, you can always go with a prefabricated garage. Don’t confuse these with those cheesy designs you probably have seen on late-night TV ads. No-these modern prefab garages not only look great, they also save you a pretty penny Moreover, they do the job of protecting your cars and providing extra space as well as any traditional wood, concrete, or aluminum building. In fact, considering how cost-efficient and versatile they are, they should be your first option. If you are still on the fence regarding getting prefab garages, keep the following key pieces of information in mind. They will help you make an informed decision regarding your garage options.

Steel garages can handle all sorts of weather hazards
The first thing that comes to most people’s minds when they think of steel garages is rust. Fair enough. But thanks to modern manufacturing technology, prefab garages aren’t at the mercy of rust like before. Thanks to great alloys, you get to enjoy the high strength-to-weight ratio of a prefabricated garage without the hassle of rust. These new prefabricated garages are very resistant to rust and can handle the worst Mother Nature can throw at them. Very durable.

Steel garages are fire-resistant
Wood garages and garage extensions might be great but they are fire hazards. Also, termites make quick work of them. Steel prefab garages hold up against fire risks and termite threats. If you want your garage to last a long time, there are worse options out there than a steel prefabricated garage. You won’t have to worry about your garage going up in smoke. This is a very real threat since garages often contain resins and other flammable liquids and gases from your car or car maintenance products.

Prefab garages are easier to assemble
Since prefab garages are measured, cut, and assembled then disassembled in the factory, they arrive at your place ready to assemble. This fact alone reduces their costs since you don’t have to have much skilled labor around to put together a steel garage.

Metal garages don’t come with the headaches of traditional garages
Nothing makes a garage look nasty than wood mold or discoloration. The great thin about steel prefab garages is that they don’t develop mold and if they do discolor or fade, you can easily paint them over. No drama. No hassles. The same can’t be said about typical traditional wood garages.