Why Metal Buildings in Canada are Increasing in Popularity

quonset wallIf you got on a Canadian highway three or four decades ago, most of the structures you’d see on the road would be made of wood, concrete and steel, or wood or wood composites. As you zip through farm areas and towns and cities, the same repeating pattern would play out-most buildings would be made from the materials listed above. Nowadays, if you were to hit the road, you will notice a change in construction materials for Canaian buildings. You will notice that there is an increasing number of metal buildings in Canada. This is for a good reason. Metal is a better choice than traditional building materials. First of all, metal buildings can withstand the harsh northern cold as well, or in some cases better, as structure made from traditional building materials. Second, metal buildings in Canada don’t suffer from termite damage and fire damage risks are minimized. Third, metal buildings are easier to put up because they come pre-cut and pre-fitted. Instead of having to be manufactured on site, they only need to be assembled. They require less people and cost less to put up. Besides all the solid reasons above, here are more reasons why metal buildings in Canada are increasing in popularity.

Easier on the wallet
As mentioned above, metal buildings are assembled not built on the job site. This means that they cost less because there are fewer materials to be processed and there is less waste. Also, since the parts are merely being put together or assembled, you would not need as many people manufacturing your home and its parts. This translates to lower labor costs and lower costs overall.

The great thing about metal buildings is that you can recycle them when you no longer need them. They are very easy to disassemble and recycle. Sadly, the same cannot be said about traditional buildings. In fact, the demotion of traditional buildings would can involve pollution-causing machines.

Since metal buildings in Canada are pre-fitted, you can add to them or modify them fairly easily so you can stack more and more metal buildings into a tight little area. You can easily scale them up so a storage area can easily become a production area which in turn can become another area. The even better news is that all this scalability doesn’t come with an explosive modification price or higher labor costs.