Why Quonsets Make Great Sheds

quonset sheds
Whether you need a place to store your tools, or a retreat to escape the house, quonset sheds are an ideal option. They’re affordable, durable, and customizable so you can create your ideal space.  

Sheds can serve all types of purposes from holding your gardening tools, to doing duty as a workshop, office or getaway spot. How about a man-cave and the ability to hang out with the team or for the ladies to have their girlfriends over as a “she-shed”? Yep, the Quonset hut as a shed fits right in and works. It can be purposed for serious business as part of your storage of equipment and is quite secure, to recreational use, while maximizing the space.

The Benefits

When you do take a more critical look at the Quonset this is what can be found. The Quonset hut is made of corrugated metal which helps it to withstand quite a bit of the natural elements, and other external stressors. The Quonset hut is a one-story, rounded roof building with a metal framework, and they are quite inexpensive, and this is a huge bonus.

Sturdy & Lightweight

Following through on this is the ability of the structure to be easily moved from one site to another across the state if the need arises. Quonset huts are sturdy yet lightweight. Should you need too, they can be easily taken apart, packed on a truck or a trailer and go to the next site.

Low Maintenance

These buildings are also surprisingly sustainable and environmentally friendly and do not require as much maintenance. This is true as compared to those structures made of other types of building materials. This is an immediate benefit for those persons who want a shed with minimal upkeep, while being energy efficient as well.


These buildings are highly weatherproof. If the contents of the shed need to be protected from the elements then you are in the right place. Along with this is the ability to insulate the structure and by extension the space. Guess what! it is not very costly to do such. This leads to consistency in humidity if need be, or if the temperature is set as a determining factor for storage then the quonset shed is great. Other material structures may have moisture absorption issues. For example, wood is porous and you will be faced with this issue. For others it becomes an expense to keep a consistent temperature – for example, if it were brick and mortar.

Maximize The Use of Internal Space

quonset workshop

Inside a Quonset

With the quonset, there are no inside nor cross walls which could reduce the amount of available space. It is because of the inherent shape of the quonset hut shed and its structure that enables wide usage. Since this is so then it also means that the ability to repurpose the space and quickly is also possible. In other words, if you are using the quonset as a carport and need to have space for your artistic workshop or storage space or even a small office, the quonset shed can be manipulated easily.

This works well due to the open inside space that is available and no inside load-bearing walls to restrict the use.

Next Step

Quonsets are only limited by your imagination and how big you can dream. We’d be happy to help make that dream a possibility. Get a free no obligation quote today and let’s get building!