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The versatility of Quonsets makes them ideal for a wide array of uses. Whether you need a quonset garage, workshop, storage building, steel shed or more, quonsets are durable, affordable & virtually maintenance free.

Why Choose a Quonset Building?

  1. Durable Steel Construction
  2. Affordable pricing when compared to other building solutions
  3. Minimal maintenance required
  4. Simple DIY Construction
  5. Engineered for Local Building Codes
  6. Long life-span when compared to other materials like wood
  7. Custom Sized for your Needs
  8. 100% usable interior space (no columns)

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Quonset Versatility

From Garages to Houses, Quonsets do it All. Choose Your Use to See Examples & Learn More

From hay storage to riding arenas, quonsets are ideal for agricural and farming uses.

Customize a quonset garage that's sized for your needs. Feel free to add a little extra storage in.

100% useable space for whatever projects you have in mind and tools you want to store.

Quonset storage buildings help protect your investments & can be custom sized for your needs.

All the storage space you could ever need. Quonsets also make expanding easy. Simply add arches.

The durability and affordability your business needs. Quonsets offer 100% useable space.

Quonsets make a strong, affordable starting point to customize the house of your dreams.

Perfect for any new or established business. Ready to protect your asset & help you grow.

Quonset Hut F.A.Q.

Why are Quonset Hut Buildings so Popular?

quonset garagesQuonset buildings have become a popular choice for canadians over the past decade, and with good reason.

While initially designed for military use during WWI, they’re now used for a variety of purposes from residential garages, workshops, and storage, to large scale barns, factories and warehouses.

Quonsets, also known as Quonset huts, have become popular for a variety of reasons, but here are four of the biggest ones:

1. Strength

Quonsets are made of 100% steel and that offers almost unparalleled durability and resistance to the elements. This is an important thing to keep in mind for us Canadians since large snow loads can wreak havoc on many building types. When you speak with a building representative, they should work with a factory engineer to ensure that the thickness of your building is appropriate for your local wind and snow building codes.

2. Ease of Assembly

quonset building kitQuonsets were initially designed by the navy to be quickly assembled in any conditions. Because of this they offer simple bolt-together construction which saves you headaches and money. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer then it’s entirely possible to put together a medium sized steel quonset building in a matter of days. The panels come stacked in a pile and once your foundation is prepared, all you need to do is basically bolt them together with a simple wrench. No special machinery is required.

3. Customization

Over the years quonsets have evolved and you can now get a variety of different shapes, along with the classic arch metal building style. They can be manufactured for essentially any size and also come with a wide array of accessories like vents, windows, doors, sunlights, and more. Not liking the steel look? No problem! Most metal building factories will offer pre-painted panels in a variety of colours.

4. Affordability

With most building projects, saving money is key and that’s part of the reason so many choose metal quonsets. The clear-span arch design means very little material is actually needed and this allows you to save both on the building itself and on additional charges like shipping. You also save money on construction due to the fact that it’s so easy to assemble. Even if you don’t build it yourself, a contractor will make quick work of it. Finally your long-term costs are lower because of the low maintenance costs of a metal building.

Learn More About Quonsets

The History Of Quonset Huts

history of quonset huts

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Why Quonsets Make Great Sheds

quonset sheds

Whether you need a place to store your tools, or a retreat to escape the house, quonset sheds are an ideal option. They’re affordable, durable, and customizable so you can create your ideal space.   Sheds can serve all types of purposes from holding your gardening tools, to doing duty as a workshop, office or getaway…

Why Choose A Metal Building Kit?

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