Doing Some Construction? Get a Backhoe Loader

backhoe loader
Construction projects need the right equipment to get the job done. Thankfully, a backhoe loader fills a variety of roles to help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. We’ll look into why it may be the ideal peice of equipmetn for your needs.

What Is a Backhoe Loader?

A backhoe loader is that piece of construction equipment consisting of a tractor-like unit, that is fitted with a backhoe on the rear and a front-end loader on the front. Some consider this as topping the list of construction machinery, since it is seen as three pieces of construction equipment – combined into one unit. This is with each piece of equipment being suited to do various sorts and types of work.

This machine can be used for digging, excavating, while in quick succession being able to move large amounts of dirt, sand, or debris. Backhoe loaders are essential in construction at the start. They are also feasible in landscaping and regrading projects of all types and sizes. For example, this piece of equipment can be used in uprooting trees, digging trenches, and clearing large land areas.

Features Of The Backhoe Loader

One of the key features of a backhoe is the combination of a loader bucket front and excavator rear. We’ll go over a few other key elements below.

Power Engine

Naturally with something that has a built in three in one type capacity, your machine will need some power. This power will be for any of the more demanding applications, while keeping cost low. Along with this power engine is the ease of maintenance and durability.

Hydraulic System

With a sophisticated hydraulic system, there is efficiency in performance. This lends to enhanced productivity, more control of the backhoe loader and again assisting in keeping your operational cost down. With the hydraulic capability then you also have a lower power requirement but rapid movement. You can still accomplish the more demanding jobs.

Steering Modes

Depending on the model of backhoe loader that you are selecting you can also have the benefit of multiple steering modes. There is the possibility of 2 wheel steering, 4 wheel or even crab steer mode. This helps maneuverability over whatever terrain with which you may be faced.

Loading Performance

backhoe raised bucketWith strong full-lifting capacity and alot of forward reach at full-lift height the backhoe loader is a powerful machine. Whatever the demand is, the ability to meet the needs is there, even if the need is to make a different bucket selection type for the project.

Backhoe Performance

There are many sizes of loaders available such as these ones from Cat. With optional attachments as well, the loader can help you on the toughest job. If there is a need for digging, trenching at maximum reach, or lifting it is still functional as a high performance machine.

Climbing Ability

The backhoe loader has a superior ground clearance and handling ability. The respective back ramp angle makes navigating any type of slope easy.

Backhoe Operation

Here’s a great short video showing the basics of backhoe operation. While it’s a powerful piece of equipment that deserves respect, you’ll also find it’s easier to control than you may think.

Convinced Yet?

This piece of machinery is considered robust yet efficient that helps lighten the work, even in the most challenging construction and landscaping projects. They are also relatively easy to operate, and quite versatile, with very good reliability. 

From the construction in buildings, clearing sites and even road construction, this is one of the more versatile bits of equipment. If you’re looking to lease a backhoe, you can request a quote here.