Top 3 Reasons for Using Steel Building Kits for Your Plant Expansion

steel building plantIf you are a factory plant manager or owner, you know how expensive expansion plans can turn out to be. It’s one thing to plan out specific target costs, actual building costs are another matter entirely. This is why the idea of using steel building kits for your plant expansion is probably music to your ears. Not only can using steel buildings lower your costs, but it can provide greater per square foot value as well. Just in case you are still on the fence regarding using steel buildings for your plant or warehouse expansion plans, here are the top three reasons why business owners throughout North America are using steel building kits for their plant and storage expansion plans.

Lower Initial Costs

Unlike traditional plant buildings that require lots of labor to build, there is actually no real building needed when working with steel building kits. That’s right-your contractors will actually be only assembling the building. When it comes to labor costs, there is a huge difference between building something from parts and fitting and assembling pre-built and pre-measured pieces. This difference alone can create up to 30 percent in savings.

Lower Maintenance Costs

If the low costs of assembling your steel warehouse or storage area or factory space aren’t enough to get you excited about steel building kits, wait until you tally up the maintenance cost figures for steel buildings. They are much lower than traditional buildings due to less wear and tear. No termite issues. Less fire threats Less weather-based deterioration.

Large Clear-span areas

Unlike traditional buildings where a large part of the internal space of the structure goes to structural support and other features, you have a lot more space to play with if you use a steel building. Thanks to modern fabrication technology, a huge portion of a steel building’s internal space is freed up so you can devote more space to productive activities and boost your ROI.

Keep the key advantages to steel buildings and steel building kits above in mind when considering different building and expansion options for your future plants, warehouses, or production areas. Make no mistake about it, steel buildings possess key strategic advantages which can only improve your bottom line Based on the total cost of ownership, steel buildings beat many traditional buildings hands down.