The History of the Quonset Hut

history of quonset huts

A Quonset hut is a semicircle building made of galvanized steel, which is an icon of war movies set during World War II. Early Designs But, the Quonset hut has a lengthier history. The design actually borrowed heavily from the British Nissan Hut of World War I. The Quonset hut was designed to be a…

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Why Metal Storage Barns Cost Less

quonset steel barn kit

If you have a farm or any type of agricultural operation, you know how important storage is to your business. Reason #1 – Keep Your Costs Low The modern American farm is all about business. Modern farmers have to pay attention to their inputs, their output and their yield. If any of these factors are…

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3 Tips For Steel Building Clearance During The Permit Process

quonset building kit

Collect all product specifications Since you are putting up a steel building, you are basically putting up a prefabricated product. Just like any product, it would have specifications. Make sure you collect all the product specifications for the steel building that you are going to be putting up. This is a key part of the…

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It’s More Than Just Looking at an Ad Online

quonset front

Putting up a steel building is more than just looking at an ad online and realizing that you would like to save money by putting up a steel building. Sure steel buildings offer tremendous cost savings compared to traditional buildings. After all these buildings are manufactured already at the factory. You only need to install…

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How to Save Money on Garages and Storage Buildings

quonset shed garage

Who Needs Storage? Most People If you have an expanding business, you might be considering putting up additional garages and storage buildings. Whether you store materials or you need additional workspace, garages and storage buildings can give you the square feet you need to scale up your business operations. If you have a home you…

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Put Up Garages the Smart and Affordable Way

If you’re thinking of putting up a garage or expanding your current operations to include garages, you have to be very methodical and strategic about it. Any other way of going about it can cost you a lot of money. Any other approach could be a hard lesson for you. The great thing about garages…

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