Why a Prefab Quonset Building is Ideal for Remote Locations

quonset building kitOver the years there have been many advances within the industry of steel buildings. Today they are so much more than the not so elegant doublewides of days gone by. Modular, Panelized, Precut, and Manufactured building are all categories of modern prefab building. When completed modern steel buildings are very hard to distinguish from conventional stick built custom buildings.

When it comes to building on a remote secluded building-site steel buildings are an excellent choice; they transport easily, assemble quickly, and don’t require specialized contractors.

Modular, Manufactured, Panelized and Precut are all constructed of ready-made components, in a factory, out of the elements in a controlled environment on an assembly line. After each of the panels, modules and sections has been built they are then set up to be transported to the building site. Generally transportation is done with tractor trailers.

Once at the site the modules sections or panels are assembled very quickly by just about anyone with construction skills. The installation process begins with floor that was manufactured off-site. The floor panels are set on the permanent foundation, which can be a slab, crawl space or basement then. If your building choice is of the modular variety fully integrated mechanical rooms, bathroom modules, bedrooms and more are lifted into planned positions. Panelized construction would have the walls lifted and fitted into place. Manufactured buildings come in complete sections that are lifted into their proper place. Wall panels contain insulation, structure, windows, interior finishes, exterior siding and pipes and hoses for electrical and plumbing. The modules and panels go together like a well ordered puzzle. Most often local contractors are used to assemble your building. If you have basic building skills you can assemble most Modular, Panelized or Manufactured buildings, no need for specialized contractors.

A quonset steel building delivered to your building site can be assembled and secure from the weather, critters and nare-do-wells within a few short weeks. Some prefab building can be built in the factory in as little as 1-2 weeks. It usually takes another 2-4 weeks for your local builder to complete the building once it’s delivered to the building site. You should check with your manufacturer and contractor for realistic time schedules. But in the end it will be up far more quickly than an onsite stick built model. The speed that steel buildings go up significantly reduces loss from materials theft.

Your quonset building is not a cookie cutter or track building, they are easily customized. When you sit down with your manufacturer they will have an architect that guides you through designing your dream building, one that complements your building site. Once you have it on paper it will then be built safely out of the elements and out of thieves reach. Your building will be personalized to your ideal specifications. In a matter of several weeks you could be moving into your secluded building, rather than waiting endless months suffering countless set-backs from weather and sticky fingers that plague the traditionally built market.