The History Of Quonset Huts

history of quonset huts

The Quonset hut, also known as an arch steel building because of its dome shape, has quite a significant history. First off, it has evolved out of a solution which was designed strategically as a solution for the military. This design was based on the Nissen hut which was introduced back during World War I…

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Why Quonsets Make Great Sheds

quonset sheds

Whether you need a place to store your tools, or a retreat to escape the house, quonset sheds are an ideal option. They’re affordable, durable, and customizable so you can create your ideal space.   Sheds can serve all types of purposes from holding your gardening tools, to doing duty as a workshop, office or getaway…

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A Brief Quonset Hut History

The Quonset hut has many features that fit the wartime needs of the US military during World War 2. Most of the American participation in World War 2 took place in the Pacific and this front gave the Americans quite a challenge. Across hundreds of miles of vast ocean expanse lay many small islands from…

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Alternative Uses for the Quonset Hut

commercial quonset

Alternative housing is much more than a talking point. For centuries there have been people devoted to finding and developing cheap sustainable shelter while maintaining quality and style. Many people have found that a viable alternative building that converts to a nice home is the Quonset hut. I am sure you have seen them, if…

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